TV: Game Change Preview

Do you remember those infuriating popup adverts that used to plague your web browser? I tend to refer to those times, when they were most popular, as the internet’s ‘dark age’. You couldn’t stray from the well trodden network paths for fear of running into some unsavory flashing piece of crap, telling you that you were the millionth visitor and you’d won a VW Passat (You weren’t fooling anyone, Geocities!) Well, despite their ineffectiveness, they reminded me that sometimes things can spring up in front of you unexpectedly and force you to question them. This video is a prime example, but most interesting is that it tells me that for every rule there are exceptions, including this site’s very own spoiler free one! In this instance, the exception is that it is impossible really to spoil something if the audience already knows, and when you set a TV show (or in this instance, a TV movie, a phrase which still holds a level of repulsion. Thanks Lifetime) against the backdrop of America’s most intriguing and unsuccessful political move, then people are already going to know a lot about it. Unsurprisingly then, there is absolutely nothing spoilerrific in this preview, except how strikingly Julianne Moore resembles Sarah Palin. It isn’t very action packed, nor should it be, and if you had strong feelings about Palin before this probably won’t change your mind. Overall, I think HBO knows the audience for this and tailored it towards them, but I’m not one of that number.

2 / 5 - Same game


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